Weekend Fun: Food, Ugly Christmas Sweater Party, Rainbows

Saturday was a beautiful day in Phoenix. It was one of those days when you remember why you live here.

Graham and I checked out Scott’s Generations Deli in our neighborhood. I tried my first ever knish (broccoli and cheese) — it was perfect for a cool, rainy day.

Graham went with roast beef.

Then we went to our second ugly-sweater party of the month. My friend went above and beyond when it came to hosting. Some of the decorations were Pinterest-inspired, some were her own creations. The highlights: a hot-chocolate station, a well-stocked bar and signature drink, plenty of food and homemade desserts, and fun party games. One of the games involved throwing marshmallows through a wreath into a bucket. I scored exactly zero points. There was also a white-elephant gift exchange, and we were pleasantly surprised to not have to go home with the worst gifts. A Christmas miracle!

Sunday was all about brunch with friends and giving myself time to think about life. More on that later.