Marathon Training, Week 3 (And Ragnar Training!)

Monday: 4-mile nighttime run at a 9:21/mile pace. I was going to take the night off, but I instead took advantage of the energy I had left. The moon was mesmerizing. I couldn’t get a decent photo on my phone so I ran back home to grab my Nikon and went back outside for my cool down.

Tuesday: Yin Yoga at Sutra taught by Nelly. It was a much needed flow followed by yin postures. I realized afterward that I was nowhere near my goal steps for the day (Thanks, Garmin!) so I went for a 2.25-mile run to make up for it. The run was more enjoyable now that the temperatures have risen to the 70s. It was nice to run in a short-sleeve top for once.
Wednesday: Rest day. I started to feel a sore throat coming on. I skipped running to get some rest and let my body recover.
Thursday: 5.42 miles. Even though I felt sick! I still had a sore throat, but I knew that since Graham and I would be hiking over the weekend that I needed to run. I sucked on a cough drop the entire time — it helped! I didn’t feel any soreness at all in my throat. My average pace was 9:19/mile with an average heart rate of 165 bpm. I tried to make the run as easy as possible by stopping along the way to snap photos, like this one:
My throat immediately started to bother me when I got home. So I read my latest issue of Yoga Journal and relaxed on the couch for the rest of the evening. The magazine featured an article about being your own life coach that spoke to me. I wished I had read it about a month ago while contemplating a big move. But I know the doors aren’t forever closed on the opportunity, or at least I hope not. The gist of the article:
  • Find what’s missing in your life and what you resist.
  • Set your intention and tell others about it.
  • Set daily or weekly goals that bring you closer to your ultimate goal. (Write down your vision for the week and hold a reflection on Fridays. Notice when you’re most productive.)
  • Overcome money fears. This was the major obstacle to me turning down my recent offer. The article lists tips on how to overcome the burden.
  • Say yes. Again, something I didn’t do.
  • Remember your purpose when you start to doubt yourself.
Friday: Nothing! Graham and I spent the night preparing for our weekend trip to Aravaipa Canyon. 
Saturday: 3-mile hike into and around Aravaipa Canyon (while carrying 60-pound backpack for the 2 miles in). It’s now one of my favorite places in Arizona.
Aravaipa Canyon
Sunday: 3-mile hike through and out of the canyon. 
I skipped my long run for the camping trip to celebrate Graham’s birthday, so I’ll have to make up for that this week somehow. It’s time to get serious!
Week 3 Mileage: 17 miles.