Sharing Photos Instantly: Nikon Wireless Mobile Adapter

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Graham is always thinking about how he can help me with my goals and hobbies. He knows I love to share photos taken on my Nikon but that I always had to wait until we got home, take the SD card out and transfer the photos to my laptop. If I wanted to share the photos on Instagram, I often emailed myself the images and downloaded them on my phone as well. Now I don’t have to do any of that thanks to the Nikon Wireless Mobile Adapter that he bought me. It’s a must for bloggers, photographers and those who love sharing on social media like I do. I have a Nikon D3300, and while this was made for the D3200, it works with my newer model. In order to view and download the images on your camera, you must download the app. It lets you control the camera to take photos, too. The adapter comes with an attachment to your camera where you can store the adapter when it’s not in use. I am loving the ability to share my photos instantly. We found the adapter at Best Buy, but it’s available online as well. A link to the product is included below.

Nikon Wireless Adapter

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