Testing GoPro’s Dog Harness

Taylor and Capone went for a swim in Lake Michigan yesterday to test their new GoPro dog harness. It’s nerve-racking letting our dogs swim in frigid water wearing a camera attached to them, but luckily we didn’t lose our GoPro. The harness did its job, though it did shift on our dogs’ backs because of all the movement. At first, Taylor refused to take a single step with the harness on. Capone didn’t mind it at all. When we put the harness on Taylor on the beach, however, she forgot she had it on and played as usual.
Watch my first GoPro video using the dog harness here.

We also had a nice autumn walk through our neighborhood. We felt the cool, crisp air and noticed the ever-changing colors of the leaves.
Rogers Park, Chicago, fall

Rogers Park, Chicago

It was one of those perfect fall days. Take me back!