Simplifying To-Do List

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Yesterday I took a day off social media. By that I mean I didn’t scroll through my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds multiple times a day. (I did tweet an article I read, but I didn’t scroll through the app.) A break was just what I needed. I remembered how good it feels to simplify, so I made a to-do list for simplifying all aspects of my life in the coming months. Some of these tasks will take more than a day; my plan is to work on at least one of these per day until they are done.

1. Go through notes in my memo app and delete ones that are no longer necessary.
2. Sell or donate DVDs. Graham insists on keeping his, but I plan to get rid of most of the DVDs I came into this marriage with. We haven’t watched a single DVD in more than a year, and they take up space on my bookshelf. They have to go.
3. Sell or donate books I don’t need or care about. I still have books from college. Why?!
4. Sort through craft supply box and get rid of anything I haven’t used in a year. It’s just taking up space in my office closet.
5. Scroll through text app and delete old threads.
6. Delete pictures from my phone. I have been doing this for a couple of weeks now and I am shocked at how many pointless photos I take. Do I really need 10 shots of my dessert? 
7. Donate and sell clothes, again. I most recently went through my closet in December, but I plan to do it again with coats and jackets I didn’t wear last fall and this winter.
8. Go through accessory, sock and bathing suit drawers to get rid of anything not worn in a year. Why do I feel the need to keep a bathing suit I bought in college? 
9. Delete and archive work emails.
10. Get rid of shoes not worn in a year. I am known to wear the same shoes all the time: flats. I really only need one pair of heels for when I go into work. All other pairs just seem to take up space. 
11. Get rid of extra contact lens cases. I have millions of these. Where do they come from? I really only need an extra one, right?
12. Buy new matching dinner plates and get rid of both sets of mismatched plates we have. Most of them are chipped at this point anyway.
13. Get matching set of flatware and donate/get rid of all mismatched ones.
14. Donate extra or unused kitchenware and jars. I keep old spaghetti jars, clean them and use them to store things, but I don’t need as many as I have.
15. Get rid of worn-out pillows. We only need a few extras for guests.
16. Look through boxes of stuff from high school or college and get rid of anything I don’t have a reason to keep. I’m not sure why I felt the need to keep old movie-ticket stubs. Do you?
17. Sort through our miscellaneous drawer in hallway and organize. Get rid of all the extra cords and cables we have in there. 
18. Consolidate all important paperwork in one place. Shred old paperwork.
19. Donate holiday decor that I’m tired of using.
20. Get rid of old dog toys and accessories we no longer use.
21. Unsubscribe from retailer emails.
What do you think of my list? What would you add?

P.S. I know the point is to get rid of things, but I have seen people rave about “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.” I am kicking myself for not accepting it from someone who was recently giving it away. I am considering buying the book and then paying it forward to someone who is interested after I read it. Have you heard of this book?

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