February Goals

Let my birthday month begin! I can’t believe the first month of 2016 — and the past 30 years — has gone by so quickly. I started the year a little off routine-wise because of my vacation and visiting Phoenix, but soon it’ll be time to settle back into normal life in Chicago. Here’s what I want to tackle this month:
  • Start training for my half marathon. It’s super early to train for my half in May, but I want to get into a weekly running schedule. Also, I’ve been neglecting running outside in favor of training at Orangetheory. To make matters worse, I lost these Brooks running shoes in Costa Rica and just recently replaced them. I immediately signed up for the Chicagoland Half Marathon Series, in which I’ll earn an extra medal for running both the Chicago Half Marathon in the spring and the fall. I’m excited for this new goal!
  • Get back into studio yoga classes by attending at least three times this month. I’ve been practicing at home for months, but it’s time to reconnect with yoga in the studio. 
  • Continue saving money. I’m following a plan to save a certain amount each week; I save an amount equivalent to the week of the year it is. (So $4 on the fourth week, $5 on the fifth, etc. I got the idea from Communikait. Thanks, Kait!)
  • Work on my list of simplifying tasks.
Do  you set monthly goals? What’s on your list this month?