Half-Marathon Training, Week 3

I love the satisfaction of completing a tough workout. I love when the sweat is dripping down my face and I know I’m pushing myself. If you’re ever doubted the existence of a runner’s high, just keep going. It definitely exists. Runner’s World has written about how to achieve the runner’s high, and one way is to run with others.  If you’re alone, it helps to listen to music you love. My current running playlist needs some tweaking, but it has definitely helped me during training.

Week 3:

Monday: I took a gentle yoga class at the studio. I liked that we did half-hero pose, though I moved into the full variation after a few breaths.

Tuesday: Orangetheory. I ran 2.14 miles as part of an incline workout. The floor workout included 200-meter and 400-meter rows in between chest flies; toe touches with medicine balls; high-rows with the TRX strap and pushups with one hand on a medicine ball. It was tough but much needed. I waited too long to book my session and ended up on the waiting list. My anxiety was through the roof. I had to wait five minutes after class started to see if the person showed up, and he or she didn’t. Thanks, stranger!
Wednesday: Group half-marathon training. We did hill workouts. Lucky me — I got two days of inclines. We did lunges up the hill twice, we ran up the hill six times, we did side skiers up the hill in zigzags and we played a game in which we ran up the hill until our coach yelled “Turn!” I ended up being at the bottom when she said turn and had to run all the way up. Oh, joy. Our mileage ended up being 2.55. I also did 10 minutes of yoga at home.
Thursday: Rest day.
Friday: 1.67-mile run and vinyasa yoga at the studio.
Saturday: 5 miles on my own after skipping the group run to see the Chicago River dyeing. I was happy with my average pace of 9:49. I also did a few minutes of yoga afterward.
Sunday: Orangetheory. We did a run/row class. I ran a total of 1.63 miles on the treadmill.
We did:

  • .25 mile run, 
  • 300-meter row
  • 30-second recovery row
  • 300-meter row
  • 1-mile run
  • 150-meter row
  • 30-second recovery row
  • 150-meter row
  • .25-mile 
That’s as far as I got, though there was more to do. The floor block included weighted leg lifts, burpees and mountain climbers with a foot on the bench. The reps increased by two each round and I managed to get through three round of six different exercises. 

Week’s mileage: 12.99.
Yoga minutes: 140.


Though I am not running as many miles as I did each week in previous training programs for races, I feel like the quality of the workouts has improved dramatically. I have never actually added strength training, but now I am doing things differently: I am doing hill workouts, strength training and group runs. I work out five days a week and take two much-needed rest days. I need days off to recover, especially after doing two straight days of tough workouts. One goal I still need to work on is eating unprocessed foods and less junk. I’m also working on trying out different gels and energy blocks. I recently received some goodies in my Stride Box that I can’t wait to try.

Previous weeks:

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