Half-Marathon Training, Week 5

I am proud to say I rebounded from a terrible week of training last week and had a strong Week 5. I made it to three Orangetheory sessions, ran twice by myself and did some at-home yoga. Next week I hope to make it back to group training after two weeks away. Fitness is more fun with friends!

Here’s how Week 5 went:

Monday: Rest day.

Tuesday: 2.3 mile run before traveling back to Chicago.

Wednesday: At Orangetheory, I ran 2.67 miles as part of multiple rounds with 30-second all-outs. My fastest all-out was 7:19 minute/mile pace. Floor workout included pushups and knee tucks with my feet in the TRX straps, static crunches with overs/unders with my feet, and hip raises. We also rowed 150 meters and 300 meters in one round and 200 meters and 400 meters in another round (repeated).

Thursday: 1.2 miles as part of a run/row at Orangetheory. I warmed up for .4 mile; ran .5 mile at a 3 percent incline; rowed for the same amount of time I ran .5; then ran for .3 mile at a 5 percent incline. I ran out of time before we had to move on to the floor. The floor blocks were:

  • Walkouts to pushups (2), then 12 tricep dips on the bench.
  • Walkouts to pushups (3), then 13 tricep dips
  • Walkouts to pushups (4), then 14 tricep dips
  • Walkouts to pushups (5), then 15 tricep dips
  • Walkouts to pushups (6), then 16 tricep dips
My arms were burning. I felt the burn for a few days, actually. We did more floor workouts before ending the class with 4 minutes of NONSTOP froggers, 180-degree jump burpees, froggers, burpees, froggers, burpees and more froggers. Ouch.

Friday: 30 minutes of yoga at home. I tried to record a video for YouTube until I started to doubt anyone would be interested in it. I will attempt it again once I have an actual plan for what to record. I also ran a mile.

Saturday: 8-mile run. It was slow and I was chilly. I celebrated an anniversary of sorts: my first run in Chicago was a year earlier. I remembered how stressed and scared I had been that day, and how now I was just cold. OK, maybe a little stressed, too, but over things I can’t control, which is pointless.

Sunday: 1.2 miles at Orangetheory. I also rowed 1,900 meters. Floor workout included weighted crunches, 1 full minute of squat jumps with medicine ball press and single-leg squat jumps with TRX straps. Those squat jumps were killer.

Week’s mileage: 16.37.
Yoga minutes: 35.


I became discouraged when I felt like I was getting into better shape and then saw what I look like on camera when I tried to make a yoga video. The number on the scale, which I’ve only really checked three times since October, has only increased. I’d love to think it’s muscle, but the real problem is that I’m not happy with my midsection. Yet, I haven’t brought myself to actually stop eating chips and queso. You can’t solely exercise your way to your fitness goal. At least I can’t. It’s going to take some changes in my eating habits.

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