April Goals

A new month brings an opportunity to check in on my goals and set new short-term intentions. These monthly goal posts are just steps to achieve larger goals I’ve set to align with my 2016 word of growth. But first, let’s see how I did with my March goals!

March goal check-in:

  • Practice single-tasking. I was better about this, though it will always be challenging with work. I find that setting aside time specifically for one task helps. 
  • Continuing training for my half-marathon and enter the lottery for the Chicago Marathon. I entered the lottery and kept training. I had one bad week but many great ones, too. 
  • Find more freelance writing and editing opportunities and work on my own book. I wrote 4,000 more words in my book. This may not sound like many but it’s more than all of last year.
  • Find a yoga teaching job or enroll in work-study at my local studio. I decided I would be taking on too much by enrolling in work-study, but I’ll continue to look for one class to teach.
  • Limit dining out to once a week (or less frequently than that). Done. We only went out to eat twice and I paid to dine out twice while traveling. I was lucky enough to have loving family members who made sure I had delicious food without having to pay for it. (Thank you so much!)
  • Continue saving and paying down debt. I am so close to paying off a student loan and a credit card. It will be a huge weight lifted when we pay off the debt.
Photo by Angela Parra

April goals:

  • Continue looking for freelance writing and editing work. I’m excited to have one post published this month on a major blog, and I’m turning in another on Monday. I’d like to have more work in the pipeline in addition to working to grow my own blog and newsletter. (Please sign up here!)
  • Film one video for YouTube.
  • Stay on track with half-marathon training. I also find out if I got into the Chicago Marathon later this month. Wish me luck, please! As part of my training this month, I’m participating in a charity marathon at Orangetheory Fitness. During the month I will track my mileage, and if I make it to 26.2, I help my team win. The winning team will have an extra $262 donated to the charity of their choice, in addition to the $15 each one of us paid to participate. I’ll be running for Care for Real, a food pantry in Edgewater that provides food, clothing and referrals to people in need.
  • Adjust my diet to cut out more junk. I know it’s not realistic for me to stop eating Doritos completely. I love them. But I can try to eat healthier foods and not use exercise as an excuse to eat anything and everything.
  • Continue saving and paying down debt. 


Do you enjoy reading goals posts? I love them and they inspire my own goals. But do they come off as braggy? Are they helpful? Please let me know in the comments. More importantly, tell me what your goals are!