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My most recent flight reminded me I need to get it together when it comes to being prepared. The Wi-Fi wasn’t working on the plane, so my plans to blog were out the window. I was left with nothing to do but sit there and listen to songs already downloaded on my phone. I ended up listening to the same 15 songs on repeat for three hours. I was also shivering. I had closed the air-conditioning vent above me and was still feeling a blast of cold air. I put my hoodie on and tried to sleep in my seat. I didn’t have a pillow, so my head was just drooping down toward my chest, bobbing from side to side. It was after this uncomfortable experience that I decided enough is enough. I will make sure I have all of the following items on me when I fly to make it a more enjoyable experience. I added an extra at the end that isn’t always necessary (or is it?) but would be nice!

Are you someone who is frequently uncomfortable on planes? Hope this lists helps make flying a little more fun!
  • Headphones + pre-downloaded songs. I will be sure to have at least an hour’s worth of songs.
  • Journal (and pen) or Book. Right now I’m using The 52 Lists Project* journal I received for my birthday.
  • Snacks. Rice cakes (with almond butter and honey) have been my go-to lately, but hummus and veggie chips/veggies would be tasty, too. 
  • Mints or Colgate Wisps. I wear Invisalign aligners so this a much pretty much always.
  • Wet/face wipes.
  • Tissues. 
  • Neck pillow (or something I roll up into a pillow).
  • Sweater.
  • Water bottle.
  • Face mist. I’ve heard wonders about this one.I just think it would feel great after the flight.
  • Eucalyptus or lavender oil for headache (or your favorite headache remedy).
  • Carry-on Cocktail kit.They come in various cocktail options; champagne or Old Fashioned would be my picks.
What are you flight must-haves? Share them with me in the comments!

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