5 Boating Activities I Want to Do in Chicago

How is it already July? It feels like the summer is slipping out of my fingertips and I haven’t made a significant dent in my bucket list. When I think about perfect ways to spend a summer weekend day in Chicago, being on Lake Michigan is at the top of the list.

Here’s my bucket list of boating activities I want to do in Chicago:

  • Watch fireworks from a boat. The Navy Pier fireworks are held every Wednesday and Saturday night. You can either watch from your own boat, rent a boat or join a cruise.
  • Go on a sunset cruise on Lake Michigan (again!). Again, you can do this on your own or on a tour. I did this last summer and it was a highlight of the season. Check out the views!

  • Rent a tiki boat for a celebration. I see people do this during holidays and it looks so fun! The boats have a fun slide, sound system and island decor.
  • Rent a boat and cruise down the Chicago River. I got this idea during the Chicago River dyeing before St. Patrick’s Day. After the dye was dropped into the river, people cruised down in their own boats. What better viewing around is there than the water?

  • Sail on Lake Michigan. I’ve never actually been on a sailboat, but it would be a fun experience. I see them on Lake Michigan often. Sailing charters can be booked during the fireworks and evenings as well!

To help with my boating bucket list items, I am consulting DiscoverBoating.com. All of these activities in Chicago can be arranged through the website, which I wrote about recently as a resource to find boat rentals, charters and sales in my area. Parents can also find youth boating programs for the little ones and classes are also listed.

For those who are ready to do activities such as these regularly, DiscoverBoating.com has a boat selector tool that helps you find a boat that is right for you, your family and your budget. I hope to someday be able to have a boat as well. Don’t we all? Both my grandfather and father were fishermen, and my family owned a couple of boats in the past, so my family has strong ties to the water, as I’ve written about before. Being on a boat is one of my favorite things to do. There’s just something about being on the lake or cruising down the Chicago River and admiring the Chicago skyline.

Need some inspiration for your next boating adventure? Check out these fun videos on the possibilities!

What’s your favorite boating memory? Tell me in the comments and share your Stories of Discovery on social media with the hashtag #discoverboating!

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