Chicago Marathon Training, Week 3

Happy Fourth of July! I will be taking a much-needed rest day from marathon training and going to a Chicago Cubs game today.

Week 3 was a much better marathon training period than the previous two weeks, and I finally feel like I’m making progress. I tracked my meals every day this week, which I consider a win! I am using the My Fitness Pal app, which syncs with my Garmin. Using the app has kept me accountable and opened my eyes to how much fat I have been consuming (and how much more protein I need). 

Here’s how Week 3 went down:

Monday: Rest day.

Tuesday: 2.6 miles, including .1 on the beach. I also did 70 bicycle crunches.
Wednesday: 3 miles at group training. We did mile repeats! Yikes! My times were 8:50, 9 and 4:25 for a half-mile. (We jogged another half mile after the last repeat.)

Thursday: 2 miles, including a short jog with our dogs.

Friday: I went outside to run but decided against it. My calf was tight and I had 8 miles to run the next day, so I decided against it.

Saturday: 8 miles at group marathon training. I stayed with the 10:30 pace group despite being assigned to 10 minute pace group. It worked out well because it was my first time running more than 3 miles since my half-marathon.

Sunday: Stand-up paddleboard yoga class. I have wanted to try this for a year. Graham and I originally had an important appointment for Sunday, and I didn’t plan to work out at all, but sadly our appointment was rescheduled. A full recap of my experience is coming to the blog this week!

Mileage: 15.6
Yoga Minutes: 90


I really want to get back into yoga in the studio — or on the water! Lately I practice a bit at home but it’s nothing like being in a class and being led by a fellow teacher.

I’m happy that:

  • I ran a decent amount of miles this week.
  • I made it to group training at 7 a.m. on a Saturday. I don’t think I made it to any of the early sessions last round and waking up early is a huge struggle for me.
  • The weather this week was perfect! Chicago decided to cool off a little after weeks of heat and humidity.

I usually prefer to run long distances by myself, but I actually enjoyed running with a group. It’s nice to chat with people vs. listening to music for a change. And group training is a great way to meet fellow runners. Have you ever participated in a group training or team?

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