Chicago Marathon Training, Week 5

Week 5 of Chicago Marathon training was a recovery week, so I decreased my mileage to allow my body to recharge. I still worked out five days though. I am starting to notice a difference in my speed, though only in short distances so far. I don’t have a time goal for the marathon, but I would love to drop my half-marathon time at the Chicago Fall Half Marathon in September.

Week 5 marathon training recap:

Monday: 1.5 miles at Orangetheory. We did a run/squat/row block, where we went back and forth between the treadmill (with lots of inclines) and the rower. We did ISO squats with calf raises (30 reps) in between.

Floor workout included:
  • Dead lifts, for which I raised the weight to 20 pounds instead of the typical 15. It was tough, but I’m glad I went a little harder that day.
  • Side V-ups.
  • Knee tucks on the Bosu ball.
  • Roll outs on the TRX straps.
  • Plank jacks with hands on the upside-down Bosu ball. (Jumping out, in, forward and back to plank.)
Tuesday: Rest day. I didn’t intend for it to be a rest day but Graham was off work and we went to the beach after work and on my lunch break. It was for the best because I was still sore from the previous night.
Wednesday: 2 miles at group marathon training. We did two half-mile repeats and one full mile at 80-90 percent perceived effort. My times were 4:20 and 4:22. My mile pace was 9:10. We weren’t able to do anything else because a thunderstorm rolled in. Our coaches cancel workouts if lightning is present.
Thursday: 2.55 miles at Orangetheory. I warmed up for .37 mile, then did two separate running blocks of about 10 minutes each. (We did a floor workout between them.) I ran 1.08 in the first block and 1.10 in the second.

Floor workout included:

  • Low rows on TRX strap.
  • Single-leg V-ups on the Bosu ball.
  • Plank single-leg raises with hands on upside-down Bosu ball.
  • Two 300-meter rows.
  • Pikes on the Ab Dolly (affiliate link).
  • Chest presses on TRX strap.
Friday: Rest day.

Saturday: 5 miles. Instead of 5 slow miles, I did a warm-up mile, two mile repeats and a cool-down run. My repeat times were 8:50 and 9:16. 
Sunday: 2 miles at Orangetheory. I was phoning it in; I won’t lie. I walked at an incline a lot instead of running, because I didn’t have a snack beforehand and I felt weak. I’m still glad I went though.

Floor workout included:

  • Squat jumps on the TRX strap.
  • 350-meter rows.
  • V-ups.
  • Ultimate burpees: Burpees with weights as well as bicep curls and overhead press.
  • Bicep curls.
  • 2-minute plank challenge.

Week’s mileage: 13.05


I am disappointed to have not gone to  yoga in the studio last week. It is my top goal this week to go back to class led by someone other than myself. Overall, I am so happy with how marathon training is going. I am doing things differently from last race, and it’s paying off so far. I hope to share more about those differences soon.

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