August Goals

August sneaked up on me. I had no idea it was time for another goal update until I planned my Week 7 marathon training post and saw it was July 31. How did that happen?!

I am in no hurry for summer to end. I do, however, have a lot left to do on my Chicago summer bucket list! I also have a busy month (and rest of the year) coming up at work. Also, my marathon training will also be intensifying, and I don’t want it to become something I dread. If it’s not fun, then why do it? I have never wanted my life to be all work and no play, so the overall theme of the month will have to be balance. With that in mind, I’m sharing my August goals.

But first, some accountability.

July goal check-in:

  • Continue to prepare for a big life change. We found out we are closer to our big change, but we still don’t know for sure. More to come in August, I hope.
  • Continue tracking my meals and macros and stay on track with marathon training. I have been tracking my meals for 35 consecutive days. According to the scale I have only fluctuated a few pounds, but I feel like I look more fit, and that’s all that matters. I have only skipped a couple of workouts in training, so I consider this a success.
  • Cross off at least four items from my Chicago summer bucket list. I crossed off three items: I went to U.S. Cellular Field, went to a food festival and tried SUP yoga. I wish I would have gone to Lincoln Park Conservatory, but it was just too hot and miserable to go on the day I had planned to visit. I’ll try again in August.
  • Pay off another debt account and save money toward a trip. I am making progress toward one account that is almost paid off. I also am saving to hopefully go to Seattle, D.C. and Orlando (in early 2017).

August goals:

  • Check off five items from my bucket list: Go to Lincoln Park Conservatory and the Field Museum, yoga at Millennium Park, volunteer at a community garden and see a movie in the park. I am hoping that by writing these activities down in my planner I will actually commit to them.
  • Dine out no more than once a week. Graham and I have been so busy that we have yet to go grocery shopping. Unfortunately, we’ve been spending way too much on dining out. We decided that in August we’d commit to making our meals. I know there could be hiccups, but we are really going to try.
  • Stay on track with marathon training. I need to stay motivated even when work and life get in the way. Only 67 days left until the Chicago Marathon!
  • Film at least four videos of fun stuff I do this month.
What are your August goals? Tell me about them or leave links to your own posts in the comments!

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