Our Second Anniversary

Jana Dillon Photography, Hawaii

Two years ago today, the Rev. Kahu Kamuela blew a conch shell to let me know it was time to walk down the grassy knoll to my soon-to-be husband. I won’t recap the whole wedding, because I already did that on this blog. Today, on our second anniversary, I just want to share my thoughts on our two years of marriage so far. When this post goes live, Graham and I will be watching the sunrise before a breakfast date. (I hate waking up early, but Graham loves sunrises and I love Graham, so I will do it with a smile.) We’ll spend every minute that we can together, and that’s enough to be grateful for.

Our first year of marriage was about adventure and moving to Chicago. It was a blur. A fun blur, but a blur nonetheless. Year No. 2 has been about growing and adjusting. We have become more comfortable in our new city. We learned that we need to be more of a team in our marriage. I came into marriage thinking it’d be 50-50 all the time, but it’s not. Sometimes one of us has had to pick up the slack, and I think our marriage is better for it. We have had our disagreements and struggles like every other couple. But we were reminded this year, as I am sure we will continue to be reminded, that we have to make a choice to never give up on each other. Graham says this a lot, and I am so glad he does.

This year Graham and I have had our patience tested. It continues to be tested right now. We have been waiting for months to hear about a huge, exciting change that is coming our way, and we have to keep waiting. There is so much uncertainty, but we know we will be OK because we are a team. We can get through anything together. Our two short years have already taught me that as long as we choose to work together we will be all right. We will be more than all right!

Jana Dillon Photography


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