October Goals

This will be an October to remember. I already know it. Instead of allowing myself to get overwhelmed by the change that’s happening, I’m choosing to remind myself to be grateful. If you’re ever staring at a to-do list that seems to be never-ending, it helps to reiterate the why. Why are you doing what you’re doing? Often that why is a blessing you need to be reminded of. If it’s not, it’s time to consider doing something about that!
What are you most excited about this month? 

September goal check-in:

October goals:

  • Embrace the new season and the all change coming our way. 
  • When feeling overwhelmed, give myself a break and ask for help. I already take on a lot, but this month I will encounter my biggest challenge yet. Graham and I will need to be a team more than ever. 
  • Beat my first marathon time (Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon 2015) at the 2016 Chicago Marathon. 
  • Film at least one video a week.
  • Work through half of my fall bucket list. A lot of these can be done in one day!

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