Weekending: Navy Pier Ferris Wheel

View from the Navy Pier Ferris wheel

Graham and I randomly decided to visit Navy Pier over the weekend so he could ride the new Ferris wheel. I had already been on the old one in summer 2015 when my friend Charlsy visited me, so it wasn’t my top choice for what to do with our Sunday. I later discovered it can be a fun way to spend a day, because it’s all about your attitude. Also, rainy days mean fewer people.

We had lunch at Chango Loco, a Mexican restaurant on the second floor of the food court. The restaurant had limited options but at least it had a veggie burrito. And the beans that came with it were everything I wanted and more. 
After a filling lunch, all I wanted to do was sit. Instead, we headed to the Ferris wheel, where we waited maybe 10 minutes to board. Graham and I wanted our own car, but we had to share with a family since we were a party of two. We had plenty of room, though, because the cars are spacious. After one rotation, the wheel appeared to slow, and we all wondered aloud if that was it. Nope, it wasn’t. The ride means three whole spins on the wheel. That was a relief given that tickets cost $30 for two of us.
We had an unexpectedly fun afternoon, and I can’t wait until our next day off together.
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