Gaining Back Motivation to Work Out | Half-Marathon Training

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In October I became a work-from-home parent, and the adjustment period has taken a toll on my fitness motivation. Keeping up with a toddler is a workout in itself, am I right?! I’ve skipped workout after workout recently and I find myself in a rut. My half-marathon training was set to begin March 1, yet it’s three weeks later and I have only run 11.35 miles. My excuses to skip runs or fitness classes include but aren’t limited to: Chicago weather, getting sick, back and shoulder pain and prioritizing family time over fitness. The real reason I have been slacking on training, though, is simple: I have lost motivation.

The Chicago Spring Half Marathon is May 21, which is in nine weeks. It’s really now or never: I need to start seriously training. I want to re-prioritize fitness because working out is a key part of my physical and mental well-being. In an effort to burst out of this rut, I’m sharing ways I plan to regain motivation when the gym is the last thing I want to do.

  • Read fitness blogs. I find that I am inspired when I read a fitness blog post or watch a vlog. The passion can be contagious. Surround yourself with motivational influences.
  • Write down a specific workout and time in your planner. When I list something in my planner, I MUST do it. If you’re the same way, scheduling a class in advance may give you the necessary jolt.
  • Find a buddy. My friend and I were discussing our lack of motivation this weekend and we asked ourselves, why haven’t we worked out together yet?! I have no problem canceling workouts I plan myself, but I can’t imagine canceling on a friend.
  • Make it a family affair. Lately there have been days when I don’t want to leave the house for an 8 p.m. workout (the only time I can go sometimes) because I want to be back in time to put Victoria to bed and read her a story. We recently bought a running stroller, and I am counting down the days until I can take her with me on short jogs in nice weather. (Plus I won’t need to save my running for so late in the day and can instead do them during my lunch break.) Graham has also expressed an interest in training for a race together, during which we can motivate each other.
  • Create a new playlist. Every season I put together a running playlist on Spotify. I get excited about uninterrupted time to listen to new music and current favorites. (Stay tuned for a new running playlist!)
  • Compile a vision board on Pinterest or on actual paper. Use motivational quotes, images and workout plans as inspiration. Visualize the results you want to see. Remind yourself why you work out in the first place.
  • Try new workouts, running routes, class times, teachers/trainers. Mixing it up in some way keeps your workouts exciting and interesting. Take the most scenic running path! Sign up for a different group fitness class! Grab a new pair of colorful leggings! Try a different style of yoga! 
  • Wear a fitness tracker daily and track meals. Seeing your progress can give you a boost of confidence. It’s also fun to hit that daily step goal!
  • Keep a workout journal (take photos of yourself or share your workouts on social media). Write down how you feel before, during and after. Share your successes and failures to figure out what works for you and what doesn’t. Ask yourself if there’s something to be grateful for about the workout process and find an inspiring community via hashtags (#fitspo, #fitfluential, #MondayMotivation, etc.). Also, photos can help yourself see progress over time that isn’t always obvious to ourselves.
  • Set out your cute new workout clothes. Updating your worn-out athletic gear makes you want to work out! I recently got the pink/purple leggings above and am so excited to wear them more often.
How do you stay motivated? Share your tips in the comments to help each other out!