Dinos & Dragons at Brookfield Zoo

Brookfield Zoo Dinos & Dragons exhibit, Chicago

This little gem turns 3 today and I can’t believe it. To celebrate, I am sharing our weekend visit to Brookfield Zoo.

Sunday was supposed to be my long run, but then the electricity in our building went out after a fire in the service room. (A post on how half-marathon is going will be up soon. Spoiler: Not well.) We needed to spend as much time away from our apartment as possible. My friend Rachael was nice enough to have us over most of the weekend, and she also suggested we go to Brookfield Zoo, where she is a member.

It just so happened that Sunday was the first day of the Dinos & Dragons exhibit at Brookfield Zoo. And Victoria looooves dinosaurs. It was perfect and we were rewarded with the most gorgeous day. At least the sort of makes up for three days with no power. …

I’m always amazed by how beautiful Brookfield Zoo is. The grounds are so well taken care of, something I appreciate because it’s my husband’s profession. I can’t help but stop and take photos of and with the flowers.

The Dinos & Dragons exhibit had an indoor section as well as an outdoor walkway. The indoor portion was a bit crowded, so we headed outside to walk the pathway. Victoria was captivated by it all. I had to sort of wrangle her in a little because she kept wanting to run around, but I don’t blame her; the place is so much fun!

I found that a nice perk of membership, besides bringing guests, is that parking is free in the north lot. South Gate parking was $2 for members.

We had a lovely Sunday afternoon in the best weather we’ve had all week in Chicago. Now if the current rain could go, that would be great.

What have you been up to lately? 

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