Best Pool Floats for Summer

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If I could change one thing about my home in Chicago, it’d be that it would have a swimming pool. If you have a pool, do you know just how lucky you are? No, really,  do you? The lake isn’t exactly conducive to floating on a large tube sometimes, and in fact floats aren’t allowed. Some rebels like to bring their floats after the lifeguards go home, but I am not so brave. A girl can dream, right? While I attempt to find a pool to float in this summer, I’ll be daydreaming about lounging on one of these floats. (A theme lately on this blog has been wanting to escape on a getaway. Have you noticed?) I’ve rounded up the most fun pool floats to make those long summer days more entertaining/relaxing.

My picks:

  • Watermelon: The fruit screams summer and it’s a unique pool float your friends will want to borrow.
  • Rainbow: Brighten up your day with this fun float.
  • Banana palm leaf rope: Palm prints are a hot trend right now. Plus, this is made to hold two people. Or keep it all to yourself. I won’t judge.
  • Pineapple: Who doesn’t love pineapples?
  • Pegasus: It’s a popular float for good reason.
  • Toucan/tropical bird: Just as fun as the unicorn float, but more colorful.
  • Swan: For the diva among us.
  • Pizza slice: Because yum.
  • Mermaid tail: This is one of my recent favorite pool floats because you can pretend to be a mermaid.
  • Shell: This is another fun sea-themed float.
  • Red lips: A sassy pool float.
  • Cactus: This speaks to the Arizona girl in me.

Which float is your favorite? Will you be lounging on a float this weekend?

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