July Goals

If you read yesterday’s post, you know how I am always go, go, go nowadays. I’m not complaining — I’d rather be pulled in many directions and be able to stay home with V than have to leave her at day care in order to work. I love spending my days with her and I know they will eventually come to an end when she begins school. I’m savoring this time with her now. With that said, some days I feel like I can’t keep up with life and time. How can it possibly be July tomorrow? How?! Setting goals is a way for me to make a game plan and try to stay on track when it feels like life is barreling past me. Today I’m sharing my July goals, but first let’s check in on my  June goals:



  • Start half-marathon group training with my coaches on June 28. I had a work trip so I have to start group training next week. I plan to run on my own though.
  • Film a yoga video. I filmed one but didn’t post it. I plan to re-film it this month. 
  • Attend two yoga classes in the studio/local park/garden. I didn’t make it to any classes.


  • Decide on the dates and destination of our winter family trip. We finally booked our winter vacation! We went back and forth on destinations for many reasons, but I’ll share more on that later.
  • Add to our travel fund. Done. I also plan to set aside part of my work bonus for travel, as i always do. 

July goals:


  • Finalize plans for our Canada trip.
  • Go on a date night.
  • Plan activities for my nephew’s upcoming Chicago visit.
  • Start marathon training. Run at least 25 miles this month.
  • Go to two yoga classes.
  • Film a yoga video.

  • Surpass June’s sponsored/freelance income. 
  • Film five YouTube videos.
  • Post consistently on my blog and social media.
  • Find accommodations for our winter trip.
  • Explore two new places/activities in Chicago.
  • Add to travel fund.

What are your July goals? What did you learn or accomplish in June?