October Favorites | November Plans

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October was a loooong month for me. It seemed to drag on forever, partly because I was having uncomfortable symptoms for most of the month. Luckily, the end of October brought some relief thanks to my focus on self-care and family. Here are the items I loved last month because they helped me start feeling like myself again!

Bump Box: My friend surprised me with this first trimester box as soon as I told her we were expecting. She was the first friend I told, thus she was one of maybe two people who knew about my symptoms so early on. When I opened the box and saw a new package of Preggie Pops I was thrilled because I had just ran out of mine. Preggie Pops are the real favorite because they have been helpful in relieving my morning sickness (for the most part). The box also contained other goodies, like a water bottle, a bath bomb and an anti-nausea drink mix. I didn’t use the anti-nausea bracelet or the belly stickers, but I appreciated the gesture of sending a box.

Sweater Weather three-wick candle: To be honest I am not obsessed with every Bath and Body Works three-wick candle scent. Sweater Weather (sage, juniper berry, eucalyptus, fresh woods) is one of the few I actually enjoy. I am also currently burning Tis the Season, which smells like rich red apple, sweet cinnamon and cedarwood. (Too soon?)

IZZE Sparkling Juice Clementine drinks: I recently rediscovered this drink and have since craved it constantly, though I’m trying to stick to water as much as possible. It’s refreshing and sweet and so good!

Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub: I just picked this up but it’s already a favorite. It tastes so good and leaves my lips soft. Plus, it has that gentle tingle I enjoy in my lip balms.

Lush Rosy Cheeks Mask: This, too, is a new addition but I already love it. It smells amazing and left my face feeling ridiculously soft and moisturized. It wasn’t really exfoliating or anything, just a treat to use.  It has a nice cooling and soothing effect since it’s supposed to be kept in the fridge.

What products have you been loving?

What I’m excited about in November:

I’m really hoping this month brings more relief and a lot more fun!

I’m looking forward to:

  • Sharing the gender of our baby!
  • Seeing Johnnyswim perform in Chicago.
  • Visiting my friend Charlsy in Alexandria.
  • Celebrating Thanksgiving in Louisville.
  • Doing some Christmas shopping!

What are you excited about this month? What are your goals?